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What is the New Jerusalem?

The city of Jerusalem has a special meaning for Jews, Christians and Muslims. This place has always been a symbol of God's presence on earth. From the history of the Jewish people and the prophecies of the Bible, Jerusalem has become a symbol of our inner destiny, and a state of spiritual peace which may feel like a long-lost home. ( Isaiah 43:5-7; Jeremiah 31)

The New Jerusalem is a symbolic image found in the Christian Bible, in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 21. Here the city New Jerusalem is described as a place of peace and happiness, the goal both of human history and of individual human life.

Many people have interpreted the prophecy of the New Jerusalem as a literal, historic event. Others have seen that this story contains a deeper meaning, that it represents the spiritual peace and happiness that God wants to give each of us.

Emanuel Swedenborg described this spiritual meaning of the New Jerusalem in his theological writings.

In those writings many people see God's hand at work, and find in them a promise of happiness and peace that will come, not as a literal "end of the world," but as a new presence of God in the hearts and minds and lives of all people. This New Jerusalem, is a new spiritual era in which God works and re-creates the world, not through dramatic intervention, but through our free choices and rational thinking. Some readers of Swedenborg have formed organizations known as the Swedenborgian or New Church.

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