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What is the New Church?

The "New Church" is a new era in human history, marked by increasing human freedom and a new opportunity to grasp the real meaning of many religious ideas and scriptures in a heartfelt, rational and practical way. In a broad sense, the true church includes all people who look to a Higher Power in their lives and strive to put their beliefs into action in honest living and useful service to others.

In a specific sense, this church is a community of people, also known as "Swedenborgians," who embrace some new teachings given through the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), recognizing these teachings as a gift from God and a key to a happy life both here and hereafter.

Where did this term "New Church" come from?

In his writings, Swedenborg describes several spiritual eras in human history, calling them "churches". For example, the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden represents a stage of human development called "the Most Ancient Church." The story of Noah and his family, who survived a great flood, symbolizes a second stage of development called "the Ancient Church." Swedenborg also describes the Jewish and Christian religions as part of this development. It is important to notice that these "churches" are not buildings and not human organizations, but phases in a developing relationship between God and human beings.

Today, a new era is beginning, symbolized in the Book of Revelation by the holy city, the New Jerusalem. Swedenborg described this era as a "new church." This description developed into a term, "The New Church," which has become a name for the religious movement based on Swedenborg's writings, and has also been used by several denominations and congregations which are part of this movement.

This movement has inspired a variety of people from many walks of life and all parts of the world, and produced a rich tapestry of insight and real-life application. The NewEarth BBS invites you to join our commmunity, and explore the Web of our thoughts.

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