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Chapter 2

Motivation and Understanding

28 As human beings, we have two capabilities that make up our life: motivation and understanding. These capabilities are distinct from each other, but they are created so that they form a single entity. Taken together, they are called the mind. These capabilities are the human mind, and that is where all our life force is.

29 Just as everything in the universe that is in harmony with the divine plan relates to goodness and truth, everything in a human being relates to motivation and understanding. The goodness in us is our motivation, and the truth in us is our understa nding. These two capabilities, or life forces, are the reservoir and ground for the goodness and truth in us. Motivation is the reservoir and ground for all our good qualities, and understanding is the reservoir and ground for all our true ideas. The good ness and truth in us are nowhere else. This means the love and faith in us are nowhere else either, since love and goodness relate to each other, and faith and truth relate to each other.

30 So everything in the universe relates to goodness and truth, and everything in religion relates to the good qualities that come from love and the true ideas that are part of faith. Also, our two capabilities of motivation and understanding are what make us human. That is why an explanation of motivation and understanding is also included in this religious philosophy. Otherwise we would not have a clear idea about them, and there would not be a solid basis for our thinking.

31 Motivation and understanding also make up our spirit, since our wisdom, our understanding, and our life as a whole are contained in them. Our body simply does what it is told to do.

32 Nothing is more worth knowing than how our motivation and understanding work together as one mind. They do this in the same way goodness and truth work together. There is the same kind of marriage between motivation and understanding as there is be tween goodness and truth. We can get a clear idea of what this marriage is like from what I said before about goodness and truth.

Specifically, goodness is the essential reality of a thing, and truth is its visible existence. In the same way, our motivation is our life's essential reality, and our understanding (which comes from our motivation) is our life's visible existence. The good impulses in our motivation give themselves form in our understanding and make themselves visible.

33 When we do good things and have true ideas, we have motivation and understanding. But when we do harmful things and have false ideas, we do not have motivation and understanding. Instead of motivation we have desire, and instead of understanding we have knowledge.

A truly human motivation is a storehouse of good impulses, and a truly human understanding is a storehouse of true ideas. So we cannot call bad impulses "motivation," or false ideas "understanding"--they are just the opposite, and opposites destroy e ach other. Because of this, when we do harmful things and have false ideas, we are not rational, wise, or understanding. Also, the deeper parts of a harmful person's mind are closed, and our motivation and understanding are mainly in these parts of our mi nd.

We may think harmful people also have motivation and understanding, since they say they intend things and understand things. But their motivation is only desire, and their understanding is only knowledge.

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