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Originally published as
De Nova Hierosolyma et ejus Doctrina Coelesti
Ex Auditis e Coelo


The New Jerusalem and its Philosophy from Heaven
According to What I Have Heard from Heaven

First edition published in Latin, London 1758
First English Translation believed to be by P. Provo, London, 1780
Second English Translation by R. Hindmarsh and P. Provo, Manchester, England, 1785
First American Printing of English Translation, Boston, 1794
Third English Translation by G. Harrison, London, 1860
Fourth English Translation by T. B. Hayward, Boston, 1867
250th Anniversary Edition, Revised,
Published simultaneously in nineteen Languages, London, 1938
Sixth English translation by John Chadwick, London, 1990

Emanuel Swedenborg's Original Work De Nova Hierosolyma Et Ejus Doctrina Coelesti: Ex Auditis e Coelo. Quibus praemittitur aliquid de Novo Coelo et nova Terra when first translated into English carried the title A Treatise Concerning the New Jeru salem and its Heavenly Doctrine, from what has been heard from heaven, to which is prefixed something concerning the New Heaven and the New Earth. Subsequent translators used the titles: The Heavenly Doctrine of the New Jerusalem as Revealed from H eaven; On the New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine, as revealed from Heaven; and The New Jerusalem and its Philosophy from Heaven, according to what I have heard from Heaven, with an Introduction about the New Sky and the New Land. Counting all translations, editions and printings, English language versions of this work have been published at least 75 times under these various titles.

Copyright 1993 by Lee Woofenden. All rights reserved.
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