Heaven and its Wonders
and Hell
From Things Heard and Seen

by Emanuel Swedenborg

First Published in Latin, London, 1758
Standard Edition, 1952

Published by Swedenborg Foundation Incorporated, New York

Organized in 1850 as
The American Swedenborg Printing and Publishing Society

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Translator's Note

It might be inferred from the title of this work that it deals simply with the phenomena of the spiritual world and its three distinct regions.  But it will be seen that in its deeper meaning and purpose it sets forth the true relations and the disordered relations between man and man, or the heavenly life and the infernal life as exhibited in human experience everywhere.

The same aims and methods have been followed in the translation of this work as were followed in the translation of the Divine Providence, and defined in the preface to that work.

J. C. Ager

Available Publications

Every effort has been made to give you a pleasant and effective view of this book.  But if you find that online browsing is not the best way to experience a book of this sort, let me make some recommendations:

You may find a printed copy of this book in your local library.  Or you can get any of Swedenborg's theological works from the Swedenborg Foundation (http://www.swedenborg.com/).  Besides this 1952 version, the Foundation offers Heaven and Hell in more contemporary translations, and in a large print edition.

Heaven and Hell can be found in Chinese at the Hailun Kaile (Helen Keller) web site.

A comprehensive reference to Swedenborgian resources can be found on the Emanuel Swedenborg page at The NewEarth Swedenborg BBS.  That page offers some other resources that talk about spiritual life in a way that makes consistent sense.  It lets you read more of these Writings on the Web, ask questions, join discussion lists, or learn about organized churches that use Swedenborg's writings.

The Swedenborg Digital Library and Information Swedenborg offer more online resources.

You can get a full set of Swedenborg's works on your own computer with a hypertext search program.  For more information and a free demonstration volume that you can download, visit New Church Outreach.  You can also get a searchable CD, or search Swedenborg's books online, in English or Latin, at the Heavenly Doctrines web site.

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